Rapidly reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector is one of the fastest, most cost-effective things we can do to fight climate change. It could slow the worldwide rate of warming by as much as 30%. More ambitious action on methane emissions can help spur clean technology innovations, improve air quality to reduce smog, and provide the oil and gas sector with an opportunity to showcase its leadership in responsible energy production.

VOLTACH4 is a breakthrough solution using satellite imagery, thermal drones, and AI algorithms to geolocate and quantify methane emissions in oil and gas operations. Infrared satellite imagery system detects and geolocates sources of methane Emissions. Further in-depth processing and AI application of targeted points of interests launch drones with installed thermal cameras to create a high-quality three-dimensional image of the emission. Laser based technology on the drones enhance accuracy and precision of the model. Ultimately, VOLTACH4 provides real-time data and models with consideration of external factors such as wind direction and speed to your screens.