Core Database – Organizing and Optimizing Resource Extraction

Transforming Core Data Management

In the oil and gas industry, core data is often scattered, creating inefficiencies. The CoreDB project aims to streamline this by establishing a comprehensive and standardized core database.


CoreDB is an innovative solution designed to organize, standardize, and optimize core data. It offers smart search, multi-filtering, visualization, and compatibility with industry-standard software, enhancing decision-making at every stage of field development.


Readily Accessible Data: Access a well-sorted, standardized core database from anywhere globally.

• Integrated Measurements: Seamlessly integrate various core measurements for comprehensive analysis.

• Scalability: Potential to expand and adapt to diverse regions and fields.


The project involves QC-ing and expanding the existing core database, establishing inventory structures and standards, and developing a user-friendly web platform deployed on customer servers. This platform aims to eliminate inefficiencies in data preconditioning and sorting.

CoreDB’s web application development is complemented by meticulous data filtration, digitization, and collaboration with industry experts. The project focuses on enhancing core data value and accessibility.