Quantifying occurrence of deformation bands in sandstone as a function of structural and petrophysical factors and their impact on reservoir quality: an example from outcrop analog of Productive Series (Pliocene), South Caspian Basin

January 7, 2022

Authors: Shahriyar Alkhasli, Gasham Zeynalov, Aydin Shahtakhtinskiy


Prediction of Gamma Ray data from pre-stack seismic reflection partial angle stacks using Continuous Wavelet Transform and convolutional neural network approach

December 17, 2021

Authors: Izat Shahsenov, Ruslan Malikova, Peter Cook, Sara Grant, Nariman Ismayilov, Kamran Abbasov


Wax precipitation modelling using Perturbed Chain Statistical Associating Fluid Theory (PC-SAFT)

March 1, 2021

Authors: Izat Shahsenov, Ilgar Baghishov, Parviz Allahverdiyev, Ehtiram Azizov


Modeling of the cementation factor and hydraulic permeability using Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure (MICP) measurements

August 22, 2018

Authors: Izat Shahsenov, Gurban Orujov


Evaluation of the Rock Properties in Structurally Deformed Areas Based on Outcrop Analogues for Offshore Fields in Azerbaijan

February 5, 2018

Authors: Shahriyar Alkhasli, Gasham Zeynalov, Aydin Shahtakhtinskiy


Application Of Artificial Neural Networks As A Tool For Properties Prediction Using Seismic Data

November 5, 2017

Authors: Riyad Muradov, Aydin Shahtakhtinskiy


Outcrop Analogue Study of Deformation Bands and Their Impact on Rock Properties of the Productive Series in South Caspian Basin

November 1, 2017

Authors: Gasham Zeynalov, Shahriyar Alkhasli, Aydin Shahtakhtinskiy


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