Elevating Procurement through the Power of AI

In the world of business purchasing, companies often face slow and manual processes that create challenges. Adapting quickly to complex item structures is tough. Crafting proposals for goods or services can be tricky, slowing down the whole buying process. Also, not using past data for smarter decisions holds businesses back. That’s where DMP comes in, simplifying everything and making buying faster, easier, and more intelligent.


At dmp, we’ve engineered a unique solution to elevate your procurement process, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making. From demand planning to contract finalization, dmp covers every facet of procurement with precision and intelligence.


Demand Planning

Navigate Your Hierarchy with Ease

Effortlessly upload your items hierarchy by locations, empowering intuitive searches and scalable management. Whether you need to add or remove items and equipment, our dynamic hierarchy system adapts to your evolving needs. 


Create RFX’s More Intuitive and Simpler 

Engage suppliers seamlessly by creating and sending Request for Proposals (RFXs) through dmp. Our AI-driven suggestions streamline the process. Witness the power of AI in bid evaluations and proposal comparisons, ensuring optimal decision-making.


Learn From the Past and Real Market Data for Smarter Decisions 

Unlock the potential of your historical data by integrating it into dmp. Easily compare proposed prices, gaining clear insights. This straightforward approach empowers you to make informed procurement decisions, turning your data into a valuable asset for smarter choices. More data points for your business with the unique dmp real market database.


AI-Powered Deal Making Based on Benchmarking Analysis

Utilize AI-powered negotiations with suppliers based on benchmarking results. Let dmp guide you through intelligent and data-driven negotiations, ensuring fair and competitive agreements.


A Collaborative Approach to Price Agreement 

Negotiate and agree prices effortlessly within dmp’s Contract module. Suppliers can upload price books directly and manage prices in real time to ensure the prices are always up-to-date. Embrace collaborative negotiations with the ability to accept or decline item price changes until both parties reach mutual agreement. Throughout the negotiation process, rely on benchmarking analysis to uphold fair pricing standards.


Choose dmp and elevate your procurement experience to new heights. Experience the power of end-to-end automation, where every module is crafted to bring efficiency, transparency, and intelligence to your procurement journey.