Log Cube: Log Scale Property Prediction from Seismic Reflectivity

The availability of log data is paramount in shaping reservoir development strategies and enabling well-informed decision-making. A greater volume of accessible logs directly enhances our understanding of subsurface formations. However, it’s important to acknowledge that in practical scenarios, log values are not uniformly accessible at all points.


WAVERITY’s Log Cube product introduces a creative solution to tackle this challenge through an inventive approach. By addressing the scarcity of log data, this product offers a unique means of enhancing our understanding of subsurface structures. Notably, along with predicting log values, it provides valuable insights into the associated uncertainties.

The Log Cube product harnesses the power of machine learning methods to confidently estimate log values in regions where direct measurements are unavailable. This innovative solution introduces opportunities for advancing reservoir characterization and optimization efforts, representing a significant breakthrough in the field.

It allows for the comprehensive prediction of log parameters, including Gamma-Ray, Density, and more, throughout the entire field, all presented in a log scale.

Input Seismic

Generated Log Data


Comprehensive Insights: Log Cube fills data gaps, providing a more complete understanding of subsurface structures and enabling informed decision-making.

Uncertainty Quantification: Our product delivers estimated log values along with quantified uncertainty, facilitating robust analysis and risk assessment.

Bridging Data Gaps: Log Cube connects seismic reflectivity and log data, expanding coverage and enhancing the usefulness of available information.

Optimized Reservoir Development: By unlocking log predictions in data-limited areas, Log Cube empowers reservoir engineers to optimize well placement, improve models, and maximize production potential.


By utilizing advanced machine learning techniques, such as Convolutional Neural Networks, representing data through Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT), Log Cube estimates log values in areas where direct measurements are unavailable.

Alongside, the algorithm predicts the uncertainties corresponding to the predictions for each point over 3D volume. This data-driven model is trained using real-world datasets to ensure reliable and consistent log predictions across diverse scenarios.

At WAVERITY, we believe in collaborative partnerships. We actively engage with clients to customize Log Cube according to their specific needs, integrating seamlessly into their existing workflows. This collaborative approach maximizes the value derived from Log Cube’s log data prediction capabilities.

Empower your reservoir development and decision-making with Log Cube from WAVERITY. Contact us today to explore how Log Cube can transform your understanding of subsurface structures and optimize reservoir performance.