Automatic Seismic Interpretation

In the world of seismic data analysis, the need for efficient automation is crucial. Conventional approaches often demand significant time investments, highlighting the importance of innovative solutions to improve efficiency. Seismic data holds more information than it might seem, and manual approaches don’t always extract its full potential.


Meeting the urgent need for quick and accurate seismic data analysis, MOTIVO introduces an automated interpretation stream that is set to transform data review procedure. This step forward is dedicated to equipping geoscientists with an organized, data-centric method, leading to significant cost reductions and enhanced exploration results.

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, MOTIVO presents two innovative projects: 3D automatic seismic clustering and automatic well-tie. These initiatives are purposefully crafted to enhance the efficiency of seismic data analysis processes.

Input Seismic Data
Output Clustered Data

MOTIVO’s 3D automatic seismic clustering project employs advanced machine learning algorithms to efficiently group seismic data into coherent clusters, enabling geoscientists to gain a comprehensive understanding of subsurface structures. This approach expedites the identification of geological features, thereby enhancing exploration and production processes.

MOTIVO’s automatic well-tie project streamlines the process of aligning seismic data with well data. The intelligent system identifies crucial markers and integrates them with well data, saving valuable time and reducing the potential for errors. This streamlined integration not only enhances reservoir characterization but also acts as a compass for optimized drilling strategies.

Well-tie Process


• Enhanced Efficiency: MOTIVO transforms seismic data analysis with automated processes. The 3D automatic seismic clustering swiftly organizes data, expediting geological feature identification. The automatic well-tie project simplifies data correlation, reducing manual effort and saving time.

• Heightened Precision: Algorithm offers a comprehensive subsurface understanding, leading to accurate geological feature identification, consequently strengthening reservoir characterization.

• Informed Decision-Making: MOTIVO, driven by advanced AI, empowers data-driven choices. This streamlining not only aids decisions but also achieves cost savings and exploration success.


MOTIVO products incorporate advanced machine learning techniques to achieve the optimal results. The automated clustering algorithm utilizes artificial neural networks such as Self-organizing maps (SOM) in conjunction with high computational power to analyze seismic data within the 5-80 Hz frequency range.

Additionally, a custom Adaptive Dynamic Time Warping algorithm employs machine learning-based optimizations to discover the optimal parameter sets for the reliability of automated well-tie. These technologies combine to ensure accurate and precise analysis of seismic data.

Elevate your seismic data analysis with MOTIVO, and experience a seismic data transformation. At WAVERITY, we believe in collaborative partnerships, actively engaging with clients to customize solutions according to their specific needs. In the world of seismic data analysis, MOTIVO offers streamlined automation, advanced algorithms, and AI-driven intelligence, providing you with the tools to unlock hidden insights.

Just as we customize our products to maximize their value for our clients, MOTIVO is tailored to empower your reservoir development and decision-making. Contact us today to explore how MOTIVO can transform your understanding of subsurface structures and optimize reservoir performance.