Seismic Image Quality Enhancement 

Precise and comprehensive seismic images play a vital role in extracting valuable subsurface information within the oil and gas industry. Yet, traditional methods of improving seismic image quality encounter inherent limitations, often relying on the availability of well data or time-consuming parametrization. 


Seismic Image Quality Enhancement by WAVERITY offers a novel approach to seismic data enhancement, through the power of deep learning that eliminates the need for well data. S.I.Q.E. significantly enhances the spectral content of seismic images, leading to exceptional clarity and a deeper understanding of subsurface characteristics.

With the data-driven approach of S.I.Q.E., you can expect improvements in vertical resolution and SNR, enabling precise interpretation and accurate delineation of geological features.

Our methodology delivers cleaner and more accurate seismic images by removing noise artifacts and enhancing the visibility of subtle seismic signals. Geoscientists can confidently make informed decisions, thanks to the preservation of data integrity and the reliable results provided by S.I.Q.E.



• Time and Cost Efficiency: S.I.Q.E. reduces interpretation time, freeing up resources for higher-level analysis. The streamlined workflow improves operational efficiency and cost savings.

• Enhanced Decision-making: S.I.Q.E. empowers geoscientists with reliable results and preserved data integrity, facilitating informed decision-making. Accurate seismic images aid in risk mitigation, optimized well planning, and increased reservoir understanding. 

• Improved Resolution and SNR: S.I.Q.E. delivers impressive improvements in vertical resolution and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), enabling precise interpretation and accurate delineation of geological features. Noise artifacts are removed, and subtle seismic signals are enhanced, providing cleaner and more reliable seismic images 


S.I.Q.E. utilizes deep learning techniques to enhance seismic data quality. Our approach incorporates statistical wavelets and synthetic data generation to optimize the model’s performance. The model is trained on a diverse range of low and high-quality volumes, ensuring its versatility in handling various data variations. 

We function closely with clients, integrating S.I.Q.E. into existing workflows, and maximizing its value in enhancing seismic data interpretation for informed decision-making in the oil and gas industry. 

Whether in the early exploration phase or during reservoir management activities, S.I.Q.E. is a valuable tool for enhancing the understanding of subsurface structures and optimizing decision-making processes. Experience the power of S.I.Q.E. and unlock the full potential of your seismic data analysis.